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Occupy Comedy Chat

In the last Comedy Chat podcast, Apexjazz talked briefly about the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, which had been going for around a month at that point.

A month later, and the idea has proliferated around the world. YouTube has played host to videos of shocking violence perpetrated by the police towards passive students. They sit on the ground, linking arms, clearly not a threat to anyone, and yet they get pepper sprayed liberally in the face.

Apexjazz has been to a number of the Occupy demonstrations, and outlines his thoughts in this specially-recorded conversation.

The video I mention in this is called The Crisis Of Credit, and is well worth a watch. See also the below animation from The Guardian, if you want a fuller explanation on the rallying cry that is “we are the 99%”

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  1. Richard says

    ApezJazz makes some excellent and eruidite points. I love Comedy Chat (and this Political Chat podcasts)

  2. Richard says

    Sorry, that should have said “I love Comedy Chat podcasts (and this Political Chat podcast)”

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